Goldfish with platyfish

Can Goldfish And Platies Live Together?

Both the goldfish and the platyfish are considered beginner-friendly—ideal for those just starting fishkeeping a hobby. Since they both have easy care requirements, some may think these two fish could be compatible and live together. …

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a goldfish in a bowl

Can Goldfish Live Without A Filter?

Goldfish are incredibly quiet and low-maintenance pets. Their depiction is usually a calm fish in a tiny bowl filled with colorful rocks. However, like any other animal, goldfish require the highest level of care, which …

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goldfish need a bubbler 1

Do Goldfish Need A Bubbler?

You just bought your first goldfish and are perusing the aisles of your local pet store for all the necessary equipment to give it the best home possible. Among all the bells and whistles recommended …

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